Robyn Gobbel

Services Offered

Texas Home Studies has experience working with many different kinds of adoptive families. Texas Home Studies provides the following services:

Adoption Home Study
• Domestic Adoption
• Private and Agency Adoptions*
• Step-Parent Adoptions
• Second Parent Adoptions
• Kinship/Relative Adoptions

*Please verify with your agency that they will work with a private home study provider

Foster Care Home Study

Home Study Updates
• Required if a placement has not been made within six months of the completion of the original home study
• THS can complete updates even if your original home study was completed by another provider

Post Placement Services for Domestic Adoptions
• Monthly contact for five months after the placement, including one in-home visit
• Documentation provided to the court at the adoption consummation

Counseling and Education
• Visit for more Information
• Pre Adoption Counseling for Individuals and Couples considerating adoption
• Post Placement Counseling and Coaching for Parents and Families
• Counseling and Play Therapy for children and adolescents
• Preunification counseling for adult adoptees anticipating reunification with their birthparent(s)
• Education and Consultation about adoption and adoption related issues
• Counseling is provided in our Bastrop Office. In home counseling is available for an additional fee

Workshops and Training
• Foster and Adoptive Parents
• Agency Staff or professionals
Please contact Robyn for additional information or to inquire about a specific topic