Robyn Gobbel

Pre-Home Study Process

In preparation for the home visit and interview, you will be required to compile the support documentation. The documents requested will vary based on the type of home study requested, and may include the following:

• Birth Certificates of all Family Members
• Marriage License (if applicable)
• Divorce Decree (if applicable)
• Death Certificates of previous spouses/deceased children (if applicable)
• Drivers License
• Tax Return for previous 2 years
• Physicians statement of health
• Copies of financial records, stocks etc.
• Insurance policies: life, health, medical
• Names, addresses, and phone numbers of 5 references, including any children not currently residing in your home
• Estimated budget with income and expenses

Additionally, you will be required to submit to the following background checks:
• Criminal Background Check
• Child Abuse Registry Check

Your home study social worker will assist you in completing these items.