Robyn Gobbel

Home Study Interview

During the home study interview, your social worker will come to your house and meet with all the members of your family. It is vital that everyone who lives in your home be present at the time of the home interview. Additionally, a separate time may be scheduled to meet with each adoptive parent individually.

Texas Home Studies strives to conduct home interviews in a casual manner, allowing the family to feel as comfortable as possible. The intent of the home interview is for the social worker to get to know the family, not for the family to feel interrogated or critiqued.

You can expect to discuss the following topics during your home study interview:
• Personal and Family Background
• Previous and Current Relationships
• Health Status of everyone in the home
• Home and Living Environment
• Financial Information
• Child Rearing and Discipline Practices
• Values and Expectation Regarding Parenting
• Expectations of and Plans for and Adoption Child

Texas law determines the topics discussed during a home study interview. Texas Home Studies is sensitive to the fact that personal information is discussed at great detail during your home interview. Texas Home Studies is committed to handling these topics in a professional and confidential manner.