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Adoption Home Studies in Austin and Central Texas

Adopting a child is an emotional journey, filled with a lot of waiting and uncertainty. Your home study, while a vital part of the process, should not be stressful, confusing, or overwhelming. Texas Home Studies is committed to completing your home study in a professional and timely manner. It is our goal to become a part of your adoption team, and to help you feel comfortable with the home study process, whether you are pursuing adoption with an identified birth mother, working with a private agency, or planning to complete your family by finalizing a step-parent adoption.

Your home study will involve discussing intimate details of your life in great detail. You should develop a good rapport with your social worker and feel comfortable disclosing personal issues. Texas Home Studies strives to develop a close relationship with each family that it works with, in an effort to help you feel more comfortable sharing personal information.

Remember that a home study is an important document that will assess a family’s ability to love and nurture a child. It is always in your best interest for the home study to be as thorough as possible. This adds to the integrity of the document, and in turn adds to the integrity of the adoption.

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